Beauty Hacks; Do They Really Work?

BeautyHack1Beauty hacks are a wonderful thing, and you can find a million of them floating around every part of the internet these days. And there is always an element of  ‘should I try doing this to my face?’ when you read them. So I thought for my next post I would test out a few beauty hacks; do they work and are they actually going to save you time? Better for me to try something stupid on my face and save all of you the embarrassment if it doesn’t work!

Now there were loads of hacks for me to try, and unfortunately I can’t test them all, so here is a list of ten (ten is a nice round number. There will be lots of those on my blog, as I LOVE round numbers. OCD alert)

  1. Using Vaseline to make your Eyelashes Longer – Right, so this is a ‘hack’ that I’ve seen going around for a long time now. And most people probably think it’s BS. But I am gonna put my foot down and stand up for this age old trick., because it kinda works… So the gist of this hack is that if you put Vaseline on your eyelashes, it makes them grow longer over time. Now this ISN’T true. As much as I wish I could say that this is a very easy way to make your eyelashes magically grow longer, I can’t, because it isn’t. However, there are some merits to putting Vaseline on your eyelashes every night; which is something I do myself. So while the Vaseline doesn’t make my eyelashes longer, it does help keep them hydrated, and the long term effect is that my eyelashes fall out A LOT  less easily. When I was little-er, my eyelashes used to come out soooo easily, and on occasion I’d have gaps in my eyelashes where a clump had all come out at once. Which as you can imagine, looks stupid as hellllll. And I don’t get that anymore 🙂 Take this one how you want, it may not take your fancy, but I’m personally gonna give this an 8/10. Cause my eyelashes are pretty fabulous now.
  2. Using tape for eye makeup – Soooo many people do this and for so long I was really should I shouldn’t I about it, but I tried it out. Now you can use this hack for either eyeliner or eyeshadow, and I tried both, cause that’s kindaaaaa the point of this post. Now for eyeliner you can use the tape to create a wing template, which you literally fill in (I didn’t take any pictures sorry) This did work, but I found when I took the tape off some of the liner smudged and wasn’t a perfect line; however this could have been related to either the tape or eye liner I was using. This hack definitely works, but personally for eyeliner I don’t feel I’ll use it, simply because I struggled to get both wings even, and the tape does remove some eyeshaodw that you may have put underneath. However, you can also use it for eyeshadow, and this works a lot better for me! You can use the tape to create a neat line where you want your eyeshadow to finish, and 13942402_1067035346678235_2090452566_nI loved how this ended up looking! I mean, black eyeshadow is my weakness, and I always really struggle to blend it out and make it look nice in ANY WAY; but with the tape I created this super cool look in 5 minutes! So a yes on the eyeshadow front with this one. However, I would suggest you avoid this one if you have sensitive skin, as it can be a little bit painful taking the tape off afterwards! I use medical tape (Is it called that? The tape you’d use in school when you had PE and couldn’t take you’re earrings out ahaha) which is nicer on the skin that reguar cellotape, but like I said it can still hurt a little bit. But overall, a 7.5/10 for this one.
  3. Stop your mascara drying out! – So everyone knows that mascara ‘needs’ to be thrown out after about three months, cause by this point it will have dried out and will not be nice for your eyelashes anymore. However, I think every makeup wearer can agree that if you’ve gone and spent £20+ on one tube of mascara, you’re not letting it go that easily. Cause that stuff is expensive! So I saw this hack floating around, stating that if you put saline solution (the stuff you keep contacts in overnight) in your mascara, it loosens it up and makes it ready to use again! Now I can’t say I have any saline solution lying around my house, and I’m not about to go buy some just for the sake of some tubes of mascara. However, I DO have anti-allergy eyedrops for when my hayfever gets bad. They’re for your eyes right? There’s no reason why this shouldn’t work… luckily for me it did work! Which leads me to believe that this hack is 100% legit, I’ve been doing this with my eye drops for a while now and I can easily say it’s saved some of my favourite mascaras from leaving me with a premature death. So I’m gonna give this one a 10/10, cause it works! Does exactly what the hack says, with no complaints. Hooray!
  4. Pencil eyeliner to gel with fire –  Okay so honestly I don’t have a lot to say about this one, the hack says if you put a pencil eyeliner in a flame for a second, leave it for 15 seconds then apply it, it will go on a lot smoother, more like a gel liner. So most of the eyeliners I had around were pretty creamy anyway, but I did find this made my liners a little creamier and I could apply them smoother. Not a major life changer for me, but definitely try it out of you’ve run out of gel liner! 7/10
  5. Create perfect winger eyeliner with a spoon?? – This was one I was ready to laugh in the face of, when I proved how stupid it was and that it definitely did not work. A spoon?! For Eyeliner?! Don’t be silly, ha ha ha ha ha. But, I’m almost ashamed (but not really cause this is a super cool beauty hack) to say that the internet proved me wrong. Now my eyeliner game isn’t strong, I can happily admit that. I mean, creating a nice line isn’t the problem, but getting it even on the other side? This is something that takes me a very long time to achieve. But I get a spoon involved?… I’ve got even eyeliner within my second try. A success that deserves celebrating with a strong drink and a ten minute breather usually. So the way this works, you use the handle of the spoon to create the line, and then use the rounded spoon-y bit to create the wing (I’ll take some photos cause I don’t know if that makes sense)

    And sure, it’s gonna take me a bit of practice to find my ideal style, and to get it right every time…but I think my prayers have just been answered by a plastic spoon. Well Done internet. 9/10 for you. (Here are some super posy pictures of my face with eyeliner on. I was proud, I apologise)

  6. Using Vaseline to make your perfume last longer – so we all know it’s pretty upsetting when you put on your favourite perfume, but two hours later you can hardly smell it. This hack says that putting Vaseline on the places you’re going to wear the perfume (for example your wrist) will make the perfume last longer. So I tried this hack when I was going to work, with one wrist having vaseline on and one not. I will say that the wrist with vaseline did seem to last longer, but I do wonder if this was because I was checking for the scent…? I’ll give this one a 6/10, but I’ll leave it open for interpretation. Let me know if you try it out and find any different results…
  7. Use a credit card to stop mascara smudges on your lids – There is nothing more heartbreaking than when you’ve primed your lids, applied your shadow flawlessly so it’s set solidly for the rest of the day, only to smudge freaking mascara on your lid. And honestly this happens to me on a twice-weekly basis at least. This hack says placing a credit card against your lash line while applying your mascara stops this happening. Now even just thinking about this hack, you can see the logic on how it works. I’m afraid I’m not rich enough to own a credit crad, but I did use an old student card I found. Totally worked, though I did find the card got in the way at some times and made it harder to actually put my mascara on. 7/10 cause it does what it says but is a little bit difficult to work around.
  8. Use mascara as eyeliner – This hack says that if you’ve run out of liquid or gel eyeliner, you can use your mascara as a replacement! Simply get an eyeliner brush and rub it along the mascara bristles to gather the formula, then apply it like regular eyeliner. I don’t have any pictures of this one because the results just didn’t seem worth it… So I don’t know if it was just related to the mascaras I tried using, and if this works better with different mascaras, but I found the ones I tried didn’t have any consistency/pigmentation and didn’t really create nice lines. This may work for some people, but for me it’s a 4/10.
  9. Put Baby Powder on Eyelashes for more length – I found this one quite interesting when I found it, it says that if you put baby powder on your eyelashes in between coats of mascara, it will make your lashes look longer. I’m a bit of a mascara nut, and LOVE anything that makes my eyelashes look naturally longer, so I was definitely ready to give this a go. I tried it with my least favourite mascara – it doesn’t give my eyelashes any curl, lift OR length – in the hope that it would make it work better. Now I didn’t notice any difference in how long my lashes looked with the baby powder – I originally had one eye with and one without – but it did make my mascara stay ALL DAY LONG. It didn’t budge all day, which is super exciting. But it also made it a bitch to get my mascara off at the end of the day, I used wipes and makeup remover together and there was still mascara clumps lefts afterwards. Personally I didn’t appreciate this at all, as I like to try and keep my lashes in good health and this made quite a few come out. But if that doesn’t bother you then I would reccomend using this to make your mascara last! I did have a picture but it’s somehow disappeared and I’m too lazy to re-do the hack just to have the difficulty of taking my mascara off again, so I’ll leave it (sorry not sorry 😛 ) for the original hack use I give it a 4/10, but for staying power? 8/10. That stuff wasn’t budging.
  10. Lip Balm + Eyeshadow = New Lipstick – Now honestly, I thought this would be a flop. I read it on a website and just thought to myself, ‘how? Cause surely you’re gonna mix the eyeshadow with the lip balm and its gonna be grainy and weird, and the colour won’t really show…?’ But I was blown away by how well this worked! I got a small blob of Vaseline on my spoon, added a very small amount of eyeshadow…and made the nicest gold colour for my lips! Now applying it was hard, as the colour moved around a lot and didn’t stay entirely even, but overall it worked pretty well! I’m so impressed with this, and will easilyyyyyy give it a 9/10. Good job internet! Now there’s a whole world of lip colours at my fingertips…IMG_6382

And there we have it! Ten Beauty hacks that may or may not change your life. I mean, the spoon one has really changed mine. Maybe I can actually wear eyeliner in public now…
If you enjoyed this post give it a like, and even a comment if you’re feling generous; I love hearing from readers! If you found it helpful and want to know more, or want me to try any more hacks out, feel free to comment or email me – If there’s enough demand for it I could even do another post like this in the future!

Just a little side note that proof reading is one of my most hated-with-a-passion activities; I just spent three hours writing this all down, I don’t want to look at it ever again! Of course I do eventually drag myself to read through it again to check for errors, but sometimes I may miss one! So excuse any errors if there any, I try my hardest!

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed reading just as much as I liked writing! I will see you next week, much love amigos!

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