Why being nicer to people just makes the world a happier place

IMG_5280(Picture up top of a Random sunset I took a little while ago to jazz up the page 🙂 )

So when I’m not shopping for/reviewing/playing with makeup, or doing other time consuming activities such as walking my dog or playing Sims 4, I spend my time working in a cafe close to where I live (I’m not going to say where because, while I’m sure 90% of the people that read this will be lovely humans who are just here to enjoy my literary wit, we’ve always got to be wary of the dodgy 10% that could rock up at my work place. That would be weird) And obviously I have the days where I grumble about my job, because ‘I’m tired’ and ‘I’d rather be in bed playing Animal Crossing’. But most of the time I love my job, because I get to work in a gorgeous environment and serve some (mostly) lovely people.

I’ve always been a little awkward when it comes to social situations with people I don’t know – not knowing quite the right thing to say, finding the balance between funny and chill. But at work it’s different. I don’t know why; I’m still communicating with strangers, and I still have to find things to say to them. However, when I’m in the role of ‘server’ I apparently grow a load of confidence and have no issue talking to anyone throughout the day. And I think this is the thing that I enjoy the most about my job. Because it’s amazing how much a lovely chat with a cheery customer can brighten the day.

Now before I go into all the lovely reasons as to why happy people make the world go round, I need to talk about the not happy people. The rude and grumpy customers that come in and seem unimpressed with everything; nothing you can do is right, and in the end there’s no point wooing them with your best customer service, because they’ll probably complain about the ‘dirty’ cutlery anyway. And it’s true what they say; a rude customer really does become the joke to all the family at the end of the day. For example, I must have told the story of the lady clicking her fingers at me like I’m a dog to get my attention, when I was right in front of her doing another job, at least 50 times! Because other people’s rudeness becomes so irrelevant 10 minutes after the event has happened, and is left as nothing but a funny story.

But that leads to the question, why is it necessary to be rude to servers? Whenever I go out now, I always make a point of being polite and patient with servers, because I know how stressful it can be during busy times. When there’s a queue of customers to deal with, four different coffee orders to make and a till to keep running, all while hot food orders need running back and forth, it becomes a stressful ordeal! And customers greeting us with frowns and impatience while we’re plastering on our 200th smile of the day does nothing to improve the situation. We’re working our butts off to get you what you want as quickly as possible; why can’t you just muster up a little patience and say thank you once I’ve stumbled my way through saying ‘that’s £5.60 please, would you like your receipt?’

And I can’t say it’s ever young people that are rude to me. I have never had someone under the age of 30 have a problem with my customer service, or the fact that the till is running slowly because our card machine is useless. I do find it tends to be the older generation that get snappy and rude, complain about things out of my control such as food prices, and then expect a thank you at the end of the transaction. While I can see the logic behind the saying ‘respect your elders’, I’m not going to give anyone my respect if they’re unnecessarily rude to me (although unfortunately that’s kinda what I’m getting paid to do).

But I shall move on from this shroud of rudeness and unhappiness, because there is also many a happy customer in the world. I cannot tell you how much it brightens my day when a customer asks me how I am! In the middle of a busy shift, I can’t tell you how much this cheers me up. I get so excited when customers want to have a chat and a laugh, and I can have a million ‘isn’t the weather lovely’ conversations in a row if it’s done with friendly and inviting people. And this applies to outside of work too. People being nice in public makes me so happy. For example (Little anecdote coming here woo exciting) I was once on the train with three of my friends. Two of them went and sat in a two alone, leaving me with my other friend. This upset me, and I ended up getting rather emotional to my other friend, who hugged me as a cried about the situation (It’s a long story lol) We were sat in a four seat-er, and as I started crying a bit more, the lady opposite me hands me a tissue and says ‘I know how it feels, it will be okay’ very sympathetically. This instantly cheered me up. Because even though I was in a rubbish situation, her kindness helped me feel, well, not alone.

Which leads to the point (There’s a point? Wow, glad to see I’ve managed to bring this post somewhere) of this whole post, which is this; haven’t you noticed that the world is a little bit brighter when people make the effort just to be kind? Spending the extra two seconds saying ‘Hi how are you?’ immediately makes my day a little bit better, alongside all my other colleagues who I’ve talked to about this. And nothing makes me smile more than getting to the till at a shop, and the server seeming even a little bit interested in me and striking up a conversation. I’d rather stumble my way through an awkward chat at the till then stand in stony silence feeling miserable.

So here’s what I want you to try; just be nice. Smile at the person serving you, ask them how their day is. Smile at the person who just let you cross the road, and help that person with the push chair off the train. That brief smile you send someone as you cross them in the street? That could be the smile they need to completely flip their mood, and take their day from slightly grey to slightly optimistic. Just a little food for thought next time you’re out and about.

Thanks for sticking around and reading this little bit of babble on kindness, was just something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. If you’ve got any thoughts on being kind to people, please comment below; let’s have a chat! I can tell you it will definitely improve my day 😉

Until next time my amigos, much love,

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