So I kind of Suck at this Deadline thing…

Hello Guys,

just a short post today, to say I’m sorry. It’s quite evident by now that I am not doing very well at sticking to an upload deadline, and I don’t really have any excuses for this except that I suck.

I started this blog because I wanted a way to start writing more; I really enjoy writing and blog posts were a way for me to keep doing so without getting frustrated when I get bored with a storyline. Except I’ve just ended up getting frustrated because I can’t stick to deadlines I set myself. I tried to set a deadline – uploads every saturday – that would fit around my schedule, but it hasn’t worked. Both because my schedule isn’t really staying regular and I’ve been pretty busy, and when it comes around to me having free time I don’t really have the inspiration or concentration to sit down and write.

So I’m going to give up with the upload schedule; wanting to take and edit all of my own photos for the blog as well as writing decent posts is time-consuming, and I’m hoping if I don’t feel any pressure to upload to a schedule I may feel more motivated to get them done. I’m sorry that I’ve sucked so much, but hopefully my creativity will wake up soon and I’ll be able to start churning out some more posts. If you’re sticking around, thank you! I appreciate the support.

I will hopefully see you soon my amigos!

Much Love,

2016-07-30 (1)


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