A Beginner’s Guide to Foundation; The Base for your Face

img_7991So I’m back with another one of these Beginner’s guides, because I like to think they’re helpful! Also, It’s been so long since I’ve done a blog post, I thought I’d start small, just in case I’m out of practice 😛

So foundation is one of those things that most people will always use. Can’t be bothered for eyeliner? That’s fine, no biggie. No Lipstick? That’s cool, it can be annoying sometimes. But most the time people will stick with foundation, because it makes your skin look pretty, ya know? So this post is for the people who aren’t sure the best way to apply their foundation; I’m not saying this is the best way but it might give you some ideas. I’m not gonna focus on the build up too much; Let’s go!

These are all the products I used in this post. My foundation is from the Body Shop, and is my favourite out of all the ones I use (I talked about it in my top five products post – if you haven’t already, read it here) My Primer is from W7, and is great for making my skin look so smooth. My only downside with it is that I can’t use it when my skin is being overly dry and flaky, as it just highlights these areas. My concealer is from MUA, and works so well considering how cheap it is! Bargain central over here.

So before you apply your foundation you’re going to need to think about what you’re putting under it. Our skin needs to be taken care of, and applying foundation straight onto it isn’t the way to go. First off, start with moisturiser. Everyone has different skin, and so it’s most likely you’re going to use a moisturiser that matches your skin type. So for example, I have quite dry skin, and so have to use very creamy moisturisers to make sure my skin doesn’t flake too much. This is what I’m going to apply first – I didn’t take a picture of it but the moisturiser I used for this post was Nivea’s Soft cream, which makes my skin feel so hydrated and smooth. Apply this first and give it a little bit of time to soak into your skin. You then want to apply primer, which is going to prepare your skin for the foundation and help give a flawless finish to your skin. The primer I used for this post helps to minimise the look of my pores, and makes my whole skin look smooth and clear.

This step is optional, but next up I apply colour correcting concealer to my skin, to help even out my skin tone. As you can see in the picture, I get very red cheeks. Red when I’m too hot, red when I’m really cold, red when I’m not really doing anything (it’s a curse really) and so I used green concealer on my cheeks to even this out underneath my foundation. I also use orange under my eyes to help conceal my black bags. Like I said this is optional, and will work better or worse depending what coverage your foundation has.

So now it’s time for foundation! There are a few different ways you can apply foundation; with a brush or with a sponge are the main two. Now there are hundreds of different types of brushes you can use, and if I was going to tell you about all of them I’d be here forever. So in this tutorial I use a Blending sponge. The one in the photograph isn’t actually a genuine Beauty Blender; to be honest I think I got it from eBay!! But it works amazingly and I love it. So when using a blending sponge (I won’t say Beauty Blender because that’s the brand too, and I don’t want to incorrectly name my products. I don’t know, moving on) you want to dampen it before you start. This means the sponge is going to be nice and springy for when you apply your foundation, and won’t be harsh on your face.

Don’t put your foundation straight onto the sponge, as this means your foundation is more likely to soak into the sponge. Instead, put however much foundation you’re going to use onto your hand, and then place dots around your face. For example, a dot on each cheek, on your nose, on your forehead…anywhere you want really! Then – blend! The best way to do this is to use quick dabbing motions, as this will help to get an even coverage across your entire face. It will also mean your foundation doesn’t look streaky or patchy. And that’s pretty much it! Afterwards you’re probably going to want to contour and highlight and bake…but that’s for another day and another time!

This was just a quick one to get back in the swing of things, next week I’m thinking maybe another eyeshadow tutorial? Which is exciting because eyeshadow is my favourite thing in the whole world ever. Thank you so much for reading, I can’t promise that updates will be weekly from now on, but they will definitely be more regular. It’s been fun being back and I’m going to try be more pro-active from now on.

I’ll see you next time my loves, stay groovy,

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