It’s Christmas! Festive Eyeshadow Tutorial using Glitter


Hello Everyone!

Back at it again with the eyeshadow! I can’t help myself, eyeshadow is my favourite thing in the world and the festive season means I find any occasion an excuse to wear glitter on my face! So I created a lil’ glittery look for you guys, to help spread some festive cheer. This also helped me get in the festive spirit myself; I love Christmas because it’s a time to spread happiness and festivity and give the people you care about gifts to show them you appreciate them. I’ll probably be rocking this look at work in the days leading up to Christmas; I can’t resist!

So without much more chit chat I’m going to getimg_8730 started! So I did my base and eyebrows before I started the look; no need to bore you with that for now! I will briefly say that I’m not wearing foundation in this look; I used only concealer and powders. This is what I do
on a day-to-day basis when I’m going to work and things, as it’s quicker to apply and easier to maintain in a busy cafe. If anyone fancies a tutorial on it let me know! Might be a post for the new year.

Products Used:

  • Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix Eye Primer
  • Makeup Revolution Ultra Eye Contour – Light and Shade
  • Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Palette – Flawless
  • Makeup Revolution Pro Illuminate
  • NYX Face & Body Glitter Primer
  • Hidden Cosmetics Unicorn Dust – Midas
  • e.l.f Studio Mineral Infused Mascara
  • W7 Lashtastic False Liquid Lashes Mascara
  • Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipstick – Old Hollywood

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: I am not sponsored by Makeup Revolution or anything!! They’re my favourite drugstore brand for eyeshadows, and they’re so affordable!

1So I started by prepping my eyelids. For this look I used Revolution’s Focus and Fix eye primer, which is great for covering up all the veins in my eyelids as well as making my eyeshadow stick so much better. Once I’ve blended this onto my eyelid with a little beauty sponge, I blend a pale cream eyeshadow straight over top to smooth the primer out and avoid creases. I find this is the best way to prime my eyelids, and my shadow always stays in place all day when I do this.

The next steps involve blending colours together to create my transition shades. Using the pale orange colour of the palette, I take a fluffy blending brush and blend this all over the top of my eyelid. Once more colours are blended over top, this will help to create a smooth transition and bring all the colours together. I then blended the pale brown colour closer to my eyelid, keeping to the outer edge. This will continue the transition to my darker colours, as well as adding dimension to my eyes.

Next up I use a darker brown colour in the same place using a different brush, again applying to a smaller area but also blending it onto the outer corner of my actual eyelid, to begin my halo affect. I also blend a small amount of colour to the inner corner of my eyelid, making sure to leave a space in the middle. This is where we’re going to add the glitter, to make our eyes sparkle! Over top of this brown colour I blend the orange-y red eyeshadow, to start bringing red tones into my eyes. This is all of my matte shadows done!

So before we jump into the glitter craziness, I blended a shimmery gold colour to the centre of my eyelids, which creates my look! I used a firmer blending brush for this, as I needed to be more precise with my colour placement. It also made it easier to blend the gold into the red colours already on my eyelid, and create an even look. Of course you can use eyeshadow for this but I decided the perfect colour that I needed was this highlight! It worked perfectly though, because it really helped to make my eyes pop. Now if you wanted to, you could stop here for a nice halo affect on your eyelids, but of course I had to go a step further. Glitter time!

So I used the gold highlight as a base and outline as to where I wanted to apply my glitter. To prime I used NYX’s Glitter Primer, which is excellent for making sure your glitter isn’t falling off halfway through the day. It is slightly sticky when you apply it, but the tackiness is what helps the glitter last! Also a tiny amount of this product goes a longgggg way; I can use the tiniest splodge on my finger to cover my whole eyelid. So I applied a little bit of primer to the centre of my lid over the gold, and use a hard round brush to apply the glitter. I just use patting motions; no swiping here, cause you’ll end up with glitter all. over. your.face. The glitter I’m using here is from an independant makeup company called ‘Hidden Cosmetics‘. Check them out, their highlighters are to DIE for and they’re super affordable!

Once the excitement of the glitter application subsided, I took the shimmery Red colour from the second Revolution Palette and blended it around the outsides of my eyes, to give my halo a more festive feel, and blend the glitter in more seamlessly. I added some mascara before blending the red colour around the outer edge of my lower lash line, and some gold in the inner corner. And that’s finished! This is one of my favourite eyeshadow looks I’ve done so far, and I will definitely be doing some more glittery glam looks for you in the future!

img_8764So usually I would pair a bolder eye look with a nude lip, but because it’s Christmas I went with a nice deep red! The first load of pictures (where I’m wearing a santa hat!) here are from once I’d finished the look, and some from later on in the evening to show how well my eyeshadow lasted! This is a testament as to how well my primers were doing their job, and shows you that this is a look that will last the whole of Christmas day!

So that concludes this Christmassy eye look! I hope you enjoyed it, and that this helps inspire you for Christmas day. I’d like to take a quick moment to say Merry Christmas to everyone reading this; I hope you have a lovely day surrounded by the people you love, having fun and being merry 😛 everyone deserves to have a happy Christmas. Thank you so much for reading, there might not be a new post now until the new year, so I will also say Happy New Year! 2017 is going to be the year when everything goes right, I can just tell.

I will see you soon my lovelies, much love!

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