Long Hair Probs; curling tutorial for stubborn hair


So Happy New Year you lovely people! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and saw the New Year in with a bang! I had a lovely few days, and am feeling very optimistic about 2017 and where it is going to take me. I got so many lovely things for Christmas, which I’m so grateful for! This includes a new camera that I treated myself to, which means even better quality photos of my eyeshadow (and other things too I guess, there are more things in the world to take pictures of supposedly) Also, and maybe more excitingly, my friend basically completed my life and got me the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette! Which is amazing and I pretty much died when I opened it (BTB, if you’re reading, thanks pal ❤ ) and obviously I want to do a post with that very soon. Buuuut I figured I can’t follow eyeshadow with more eyeshadow, so that will be coming in the next few weeks.

So today I thought I would take a step away from makeup, and do a lil’ hair tutorial for ya’ll. Because, I’m not sure if you’ve been able to notice, but I have pretty long hair. And as well as my hair being long, it’s ridiculously thick and heavy, which means it’s pretty impossible to style with heat, because ten minutes out of the house and the curls have dropped out. I’ve been spending years trying to find a way to get my hair to stay curly, and I’ve finally discovered the answer! So if you find yourself in the same position, hopefully this blog post can help you out! One of the things I like the most about this technique is that it requires not heat at all, which means it isn’t as damaging for your hair 🙂

Before you start you’re going to need to collect a few supplies for the curling process. A hairband is one, I use an Invisibobble because it’s more flexible for what we’re gonna do.Also some kind of hair clip; a strong one. Next you’re going to need some mousse, I’ve currently been using Aussie’s Volume Conditioning Mousse, which is perfect for the job; volume with these curls adds so much bounce! Some hairspray will probably help, I use Elnett in this look. And lastly, and probably most importantly, you will need some bendy rollers! If you don’t know, these are bendy bits of plastic-covered foam which you can bend into any shape you wish. Wrapping your hair around these creates great curls! I got my ones years ago as a present, so can’t link the direct ones, but these are pretty similar and will do the trick! This is everything we’re gonna need, so without any more chit chat let’s begin!

So I’m gonna be real with you for a second. Getting pictures for this post was hella difficult, for a magnitude of reasons. 1) How in the heck am I supposed to take a photo while both of my hands are in my hair? 2) My iPhone broke, which means the cool boomerangs and things I was going to make for this post? Impossible. 3) No tripod for supercool new camera, or up-to-date smart phone to connect to said camera for easy view finding (I can look through my camera lens on my phone, and take the picture through my phone. It’s pretty handy I’m ngl) So really the whole thing was a bit of a palaver. I’ve done my best. You will just have to figure it out with the extensively detailed instructions I’m about to give you (this is me being optimistic. I’ll be lucky to reach vaguely detailed) (I’ve used a lot of brackets today. Let’s move on)

So you’re going to start by putting your hair into a high ponytail. Don’t pull it tight; I recommend keeping the top a bit loose so that the top of your hair isn’t completely flat when you take the rollers out later. The ponytail, I found when discovering this, is one of the most crucial steps, because it makes the rollers comfortable enough to sleep in. The longer you can leave those bad boys in, the better the curl is going to hold. Once the ponytail is in, split it in half – top half and bottom half – and clip the top half to your head. This makes it easier to determine longer and shorter strands of hair, as well as giving you easier access to the under part.

Now the fun begins. Grab a strand of hair (the thinner the strand the curlier it gets, but make sure you have enough bendy rollers) and separate it from the rest of your hair. Give it a nice coating of Mousse, as this is a key ingredient if like mine, your hair is stubborn and doesn’t like staying in place. You’re then going to place the roller about 1/5 from the end of your hair. Wrap the end around to create a firm spiral, then slowly turn the roller towards your head so that the whole strand is wrapped around the roller. To secure this in place, twist the ends of the roller inwards, creating a knot shape. If done properly (it might take a while to figure out what you’re doing and to get the roller secured) your roller will stay in place, and start doing it’s hair magic!

So that’s one strand done! You’ve now got to repeat this entire process with the rest of your hair! Do the entire bottom half first before switching to the top, as this will make it easier to make sure you get as much hair as possible. Once you’ve finished you should have some kind of crazy curler pile sat on top of your head! So I usually do this just before I’m about to sleep so that I can leave the curlers in overnight to give my hair as much time as possible to set. However, if you’ve only got a couple of hours you could use a hair dryer to add some heat to your rollers and speed up the process – just remember the longer they can be left the better! Also, if you’re going to sleep with them in, I recommend using a head scarf to help hold the rollers in place, just to ensure all your curls stay even.

So, after a peaceful nights sleep, prepare to take the rollers out by giving them a quick spritz of hairspray. Then, carefully remove the rollers one by one, using hairspray as you go to help ensure maximum hold. Once they’re out, give your hair a shake, flip it, fluff it a bit…and you’re done! The power of hair mousse and bendy rollers will have worked, and you should have bouncy curls ready to last all day!

You can see in the first photo that when I did this, one of my curlers fell out while I was sleeping, and so there was one part of my hair that was flatter (these were taken prior to me writing this post). It was after that attempt that I bought in the use of the head scarf, to avoid this problem!

So there we go! As you can see in these pictures, my very straight hair was transformed into a mass of curls –  and these held throughout a very energetic show! This is how I styled my hair for Rent, and they were still intact after two hours of singing and dancing under hot stage lighting. So hopefully that helps to show how well this works!

And so that finishes up this tutorial! I’m hoping I haven’t missed anything, but if you have any questions feel free to ask me down below! As always it’s been a pleasure, I want to branch out a bit and write blog posts about things that aren’t just makeup. So if there’s anything you really want me to do, let me know! I’m always open for suggestions. Hopefully this new year I can be more pro-active with my blog, I love writing posts and finding things that will be interesting to read, and I hope to grow and get better this year!

Next post (which I do not have a date for because I am not good at the whole schedule thing) will be trying out Primark makeup! Finding new products to love or hate is always exciting, and I can’t wait to share that with you guys!

Until next time my lovelies,

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