Testing Primark Makeup; When you’re poor after Christmas…

img_0243Hey guys!

So it’s me again, this blog post has taken me far too long to write, but it’s a big one and they take work! I’ve been wanting to do a ‘testing makeup’ post for ages, and after Christmas (and how poor it’s made me), Primark seemed a good place to start! Some good reviews, some bad review… I wanted to see for myself what their makeup products are like. And so, while in London with my mum, I fought through the crowds of people (not something I enjoy) to get as much makeup as I could from Oxford Street Primark’s makeup section. When I got home I realised I was missing some stuff that I wanted to get, but I worked with what I had! If I’ve worked it out correctly, the whole thing came to £32, which is super reasonable when you think about it! I think I’ve run out of intro stuff to say now, so I’ll get on with it.

I wanted to make sure I tried all of the products, and so I sat down (probably for about 3 hours it took me forever) and used all of them to create a full face of makeup. Which meant I started with my base. I couldn’t find any primers when I was in Primark – I know IMG_0261.JPGthey do have some but it was very busy and I couldn’t get to every shelf and look thoroughly – so I just used my own, before starting with the foundation. I grabbed a stick foundation in the shade Porcelain, because out of the choices it seemed to be the nicest, and it cost me £2.00. My first note on it is that I was pleasantly surprised with how well the colour matched; I am incredibly pale and so usually it’s hard to find  colours pale enough for my skin tone, but this matched quite nicely! The foundation has quite a weird consistency when you first put some on your face; although creamy it is slightly bitty as well, and leaves some clumps on your face. And it took a crazy amount of blending to get even across my skin! I used a Primark blending sponge (which I’ll talk about later) and it took me so long to get the foundation evenly blended across my face, which is definitely a negative. However, once I was finished it didn’t look too bad; it had a nice coverage and wasn’t too clumpy on the skin. img_0297I did find later on that once it was set onto your skin, you couldn’t really move it or anything, I smudged my eyeliner, and tried to clean it up with a cotton swab, and the foundation went really patchy and couldn’t be covered up and blended out. I also found that the more you put on the worse it got; there’s no building up our coverage with this one, because the more you put on the clumpier it gets. Definitely not a good look. Also it’s super oily and that just isn’t for me. Personal preference.   Overall rating: I give this foundation a 5/10. It did a good job covering my skin and it definitely has staying power! However the longer it was left the more I could pick out the pores in my skin. Bear in mind it did only cost £2! So I wasn’t expecting a miracle aha. This would be a great foundation to use for show makeup, as you need a resilient foundation that can last through a lot of wear! And I think I will keep it for that reason! (Since starting this blog post I’ve tried it again, and since opening it it’s become all bitty and weird, so I don’t think I’ll be using it anymore. Don’t know if this is common with all of them, but definitely not good)

So a quick note on the blending sponge. I’ve used Primark sponges before and I like them a lot. This one was nice, it cost me £2.00. It’s the same shape as the Real Techniques blending sponge, if not slightly bigger when dampened. The only thing I would say against it was that is was a bit harder than I like, but this is just down to personal preference. Also, I would suggest washing it thoroughly beforehand; although it says latex free on the box, with cheap sponges you never know what they’re made with, and cleaning them makes them more pliable and easy to use. Overall Rating: 7/10

img_0311So I did my eyebrows next, with a powder that comes in the Ultimate Face Sculpting Palette. I couldn’t find any other eyebrow products when I was there, but this kit was only £6 and features eyebrow, face contouring and eyeshadow powders. I used the palest of the three brow colours available, and it ended up looking okay. The powder was quite loose when first getting some on the brush, but thankfully this didn’t translate to the application; the colour was nicely pigmented and so worked effectively!

I didn’t take a better picture of the palette because apparently I’m some kind of idiot. But the top left brown colour is what I used for my eyebrows.
I sorted out my lighting at this point, good job Charley.

I then used the pale powder of the palette to set my foundation. Unfortunately the powder was way to yellow for me and ended up making me look a bit orange, but it did set the
foundation well, as it was quite oily. It left me with a nice matte finish, which is how I like my foundation. (If you look at the pictures you can see the difference in the colour of my chin and neck haha, but this is only from the powder, not the foundation)



I couldn’t find a concealer in Primark, but I did get a new one while I was in London; the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in shade 01, Fair. Although not from Primark, I will say that this has since become my favourite concealer, because it’s coverage is amazing. Like easily the best concealer I’ve ever used. And it only costs £4. I love a bargain.

So my next stop was contour! Again I used the Ultimate Face Contouring Palette, using the palest of the two contour colours. And again, I loved it! I usually find contour colours too warm for me; I need a brown with a grey undertone because I’m so pale, and anything too warm makes me look super orange. However, this colour was really nice and created a nice finish, and I could use the warmer brown to bronze up my cheeks a bit. They were also really easy to blend in; didn’t go clumpy or muddy on my face, and so were easy to use! So far so good with this palette.

The highlight in this palette was a shock; when I swatched it on my finger it didn’t seem overly shimmery (which is how I like my highlight) but the powder was pigmented enough that what was there worked well! The powder wasn’t too chalky and so it blended in nicely, and left me with a nice natural glow. Personally I like a highlight with a bit more pow in it, but if natural is for you then this will work wonders!

So last up to be tested in this face palette was the eyeshadows, but I didn’t use them straight away. And I’ll explain why. I also bought a 9 shade mini eyeshadow palette, because I liked the colours and the style reminded me a little of the MAC x9 Dusky Rose palette. HOWEVER. I tried every single one of the colours in that palette and they had no pigment. NONE WHATSOEVER. I was basically blending nothing onto my eyes. It was quite annoying because I was really looking forward to creating a look with the colours featured in the palette. But alas, it was too good to be true. 0/10 for that palette. And so I used the shadows in my Ultimate Face palette, which worked a lot better compared to their fellow products. They were very powdery and there was a lot of fallout, but they’re definitely not the worst eyeshadows I’ve ever used. Also a slightly odd colour combination, but I made it work and what I came out with was okay. So, that was everything in the Face Palette tested! Overall Rating for the Ultimate Face Palette: 8/10. Pretty much all of the powders are top notch, it’s just the shadows that let it down slightly. For £6 it’s great, and I would definitely recommend it to you guys!

img_0327Next up was the eyeliner, which I’ve seen used in a video before. And oh my goodness it is amazing! It has such a nice nib, which makes applying it super easy. And the formula is amazing! Once that stuff has dried it ain’t coming off! I rubbed my finger repeatedly over my wing and it did not not budge or smudge an inch. Now this is probably one of the messiest eyeliner jobs I’ve ever done so please
don’t judge me, img_0324but by this point I’d been going for a while and I couldn’t be bothered to take it off and try again. Soz.

Overall Rating: 9/10. Aside from the applicator getting a bit clumpy this £1 liquid eyeliner has become my new fave. I’m going to go back and buy ten more. Because they cost £1. Amazing!!


img_0255Whether I was being blind and couldn’t see it, or there really wasn’t any, I did not get any mascara from Primark, so I just used my own. However, I did pick up some false lashes, which I was very excited to try! I would consider myself a novice when it comes to falsieimg_0331s, as I do not wear them very often. However, I’m branching out, and so I figured trying these cheaper ones will help me gain experience before using more expensive ones. And I’ve ended up loving these! I tried out the ‘Sultry’ lashes in this look, as they were my favourite of the three. Obviously I had to trim them down slightly, because they were way too long, but after a few minutes struggling (my right eyelash was reallyyyyy testing me) they were glued to my eyelids and good to go. The lashes are lovely, and I can’t wait to wear them on a night out! My only criticism is the lash glue; it’s not a very secure glue, and I did feel like my lashes were unstable.
Which ain’t ever good.

Guys I made a gif of my eye, call me a loser if you like but this made me very excited.

Overall Rating: for the lashes themselves, 8/10. For the glue? 4/10. Not the greatest.


The final products I had to test were the lip products! In my opinion, Primark’s lip products are the best things they make, because I haven’t yet found one I don’t like. I’ll start with the lip liners. I’ve used their lip liners before, and so I already knew that the texture of these was sooooo nice. They’re super creamy to apply and last really well…which is why I picked up three more while I was there. £1 each, you really can’t complain!

So next was the lip crayons. For some reason I did not swatch these or model them or anything, but I have used them and oh my goodness they are the nicest things ever! They are so creamy but also super pigmented, and they glide on so easily! Super comfortable to wear and they last so well. These cost … and they were worth every penny! I want to go buy them in every colour because they are honestly amazing. 10/10 (I managed to find a picture from a different look where I’m wearing the pale pink cream lipstick, so ta da!)

Last but not least, the liquid lipstick! This is the lipstick I tested with this look, and I was very impressed by the formula of these! I thought it would be quite drying and img_0344uncomfortable to wear, but it went on well and lasted too. My application is a bit messy, which makes the lipstick look patchy, but honestly that was just me being a loser. Reallyyyy nice colour and a very positive way to finish the look! 10/10!

So there we go. 2,000 words on Primark makeup and what I thought of it! Guys this has taken me foreverrrrr to write, I don’t have any excuses it’s just hard work and I’m very good at procrastinating. But I hope you enjoyed this blog post, it was fun testing out the products and I definitely want to do some more of these in the future! I would definitely recommend you guys grab the lip products I mentioned, and the eye liner too; I think these are probably my stand out products. The Face Palette was a surprise at how good it was, along with the lashes, and I think considering how cheap they are, some of these products really are worth getting. Because some of them, I was pleasantly surprised with.

I will see you soon with a blog post of some sort (more eyehsadow? Or should I try vary my life up a bit? You decide) (let’s be honest we know I won’t, it will probably be eyeshadow) If you enjoyed reading please follow my blog so you can get updates of when I post more, because I do like babbling a lot. And as always, let me know what you thought of this post, and if there’s anything new you want to see!

Until next time my amigos,

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