Too Faced Review; Let’s Get Peachy!



Sup guys, me again! It feels like it’s been a long time, has it been a long time? I’ve been mad busy with work sorry my loves. So I’m back at it again with the eyeshadow, what a surprise. But this ain’t no tutorial! (Whattttt *gasps*)  I know it’s shocking, blending eyeshadow is the only thing I’m good at, but I thought today I’d do a little review instead. Because it’s always helpful to know what you’re getting yourself into before you spend you’re hard earned money on high end products! A little, I don’t know I guess you could call it a disclaimer before we start. Obviously this review is going to be entirely from my own opinion, and that shouldn’t affect your own opinion of the product if you’ve already made one! For example, if I rip something to shreds in a review, but you’re sitting there thinking ‘what is she talking about, this is one of the best products I’ve ever used???’ Then that’s good! You spent your money on that product, and I’m glad it’s worked for you! This is just my own thoughts on how the product worked for me, to maybe help guide others who aren’t too sure on whether they want to buy something or not! (This is something to consider for all reviews, and just life really isn’t it. Just because someone else doesn’t like something, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.) So let’s get going shall we?

So today I am going to do a review of the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. For those of you who like to keep up with the makeup biz, you’ll know that Too Faced originally released this in March of 2016 (I think that’s right? Maybe May, but that might have just been the UK release) as a limited edition, and it sold out superrrrrr fast. And now they’ve bought it back with a whole load of sister peachy products, so that we can all get our hands on the fragranced beauties. Pretty snazzy. So of course I couldn’t resist, and I jumped on the band wagon and ordered myself a Sweet Peach Palette.

The first thing I will talk about is cost and shipping. So the palette itself costs £39, which is a hefty price for an eyeshadow palette, but something to be expected from a high end brand. However, because I was ordering from America to the UK, I had to pay an extra £10.14 for Customs and shipping (the most annoying part about this was that the day after my palette arrived in the post they launched the Sweet Peach Collection in Selfridges, meaning I could have saved money on shipping. Whyyyyyyyyyyy) so that’s nearly £50 for a palette (honestly I would never usually spend that much, however I was pretty sad that day so decided to treat myself. Oops) But once I’d ordered I was pretty excited, the colours in the palette looked gorgeoussssss, so I was very eager for my palette to arrive. This is where my first – hm, let’s call it an issue – issue arouse.

So I ordered my palette on the 14th December, where I got an email of my order confirmation. In this email, it said ‘We have processed your order. We will update you when your order has shipped’. So I was all happy, thinking I’d get an email the next day or something, and went about my evening. However, a week later and I still hadn’t heard anything, so I was a bit worried. Had something gone wrong, maybe my order was lost? But when I had a little nosey on places like Instagram, I saw lots of other people were having to wait a long time for their palettes too, which isn’t the kind of service you’d expect from a high end company. So 9 days later I finally got my shipment confirmation, and bearing in mind it was shipping from the USA, I fully expected to have to wait a while. In the end, it was nearly a month later when I received my palette. A month! Maybe not Too Faced’s fault, but after spending £50 you’d at least expect a reliable service.

But I’ll move on from my shipment issue, because I finally had my Sweet Peach palette! The first thing to say is the colours in this palette are stunninggggg. Suchhhh a nice combination of colours and it gives you bundles of styles to create. And it smells delicious! I don’t usually like scented products, I think it ruins them, but the palette smells divine and I can’t get enough. The packaging is also really nice; the hinges on mine are a bit wonky, but the palette overall is sturdy while still looking cute, which is perfect for travelling. And now I will move onto the shadows themselves.

So this is where my second issue lies. Because I’m just not…blown away by the quality of the shadows in the palette. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so obsessed with the colour combination, and I wanted to love it so bad. Just the pigmentation…well, it doesn’t astound me. It’s not all the colours; pretty much all of the shimmers are stunning, and I will go into more detail on those later. It’s just the mattes in the palette. They give a very good combo of mattes; these are all the colours you’re going to need to create looks with the other colours in the palette, which will be great if you’re the kind of person that doesn’t like using multiple palettes for one look. They’re just not exceptionally pigmented. They’re definitely not the worst mattes in the world! But for something that cost me £39, I would expect the staple mattes to be doing their job pretty well! For example, the palette has a really nice deep purple colour called ‘Delectable’, and I was really excited to create a purple and gold blend, as a kind of smokey going out look. But the purple just wasn’t quite pigmented enough to look…well, purple. Unless you were looking really close up, it just looked like I had a dark, almost black colour on my lids. Which was slightly disappointing, as I was hoping it would pop a bit more.

(I’m sorry these swatches are so messy, I was in a rushhhhhhh)

I also had this issue with a few of the shimmers in the palette; mainly two of the pink shimmer shades; ‘Candied Peach’ and ‘Just Peachy’. These are stunning colours; ‘Just Peachy’ is a bright pink colour with occasional glitters popping through, and ‘Candied Peach’ is a more matte peachy pink colour to give you something to transition with. There just isn’t enough pigmentation for these colours to fully translate on your lid. Also, if you haven’t primed your lids in some way, most of these shadows definitely are not going to pack a punch. So disappointing because they are stunning colours!

But I will move on from these negative points, because the rest of the colours are fantastic, and I really don’t have a problem with them! My favourite colour is ‘Luscious’, because it looks soooooo expensive and stunning on the eyes, with gorgeous pigmentation and shimmer for dayssssss! And the other colours are all so gorgeous, and look just lovely. Also ‘Bless Her Heart’ is stunning; it is so pigmented, it’s a kind of goldy green colour which I wouldn’t usually go for, but I can’t wait to use it in a look! ‘Bellini’ and ‘Caramelized’ are also beautiful, and they make me drool when I use them. I don’t want this review to come off as too negative, because the palette is stunning and I have already created so many pretty looks with it. It’s just a lot easier to talk about the negatives than the positives! I’ve given a little example down below, where I predominantly used the pink colours. And as you can see it looks pretty peachy (you see what I did there. Peachy. Get it?) It just takes a lot of work to build the colours up.

Overall; well, I don’t really know how to sum this review up. Because obviously I will keep using this palette, I’m honestly obsessed with the colour scheme and overall the finished looks are pretty and eye catching. However, for £39 and a month long wait for the palette to arrive, I would hope for the pigmentation to be stronger, and for the mattes to pull their weight a little more. Because no eyeshadow look is going to work without strong mattes! I don’t know if this is a running theme for all Too Faced eyeshadow palettes because this is my first; if you have any thoughts on it, let me know! Honestly, I don’t know if I would buy the palette again once it’s run out; I work hard for my money and I want to make sure I’m spending it on the best products possible! But if you have this palette and adore it, I’m so glad!! There’s nothing worse than buying a product that you don’t love, so if you have bought it I really hope it works for you!

So that concludes my lil’ review of the Sweet Peach palette! I hope that was interesting to read, I want to do more reviews in the future so let me know if you liked it! Got more blog posts in the works don’t you worry, reviews and chit chat and tutorials and all sorts! However please bare with me because Half terms mean work is even busier than usual and I will be stressedddddd. Which means I get no writing done, oops. (Also bare with me I’m giving the blog a little bit of a makeover, so it might be a bit all over the place for a while. Soz 🙂 )

Until next time my lovelies,

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