Full Face without using Foundation; when I’m feeling Lazy…

Full Face Without Foundation (1)

Hey friends!

So I know it’s been ages I’m sorry, I try to churn out blog posts regularly but life always gets in the way. Also I’m a perfectionist and most blog posts take me 2 hours+ just to write and edit, not including taking and editing all my photos. SO I’m sorry, but I’m trying okay?!? Let’s not dwell on it now that I’m here 😉

So I’ve been meaning to do this blog post for ages. How I do my makeup when I’m not wearing foundation. I’m quite lazy when it comes to doing my makeup for work; I just need to look presentable, and anything I can do to get a few extra minutes sleep in the morning? I’m going to grasp those opportunities. Which means most days I will not wear foundation. I am very lucky in that I don’t get many spots, so the only things I want to cover up on my skin are my dark circles and redness in my cheeks.Which is easy enough to do without foundation! And I’m gonna show you how in this blog post, in case you’re a bit lost, don’t like wearing a foundation or just want a new way to do your makeup.

I start this whole process by priming my skin. What type of skin day I’m having depends on how I prime my skin; for instance in this post I only used moisturiser, but when I’m running low on face cleanser or pore strips I use pore minimising primer too, to help even out my skin. In case you’re wondering, Nivea Soft is my go to face cream, as it really helps keep my face nice and moisturised; I get very dry skin and so this is a must.img_0613 Once I’ve let my face cream soak in a bit, I’m ready to go in on my face!

The place I start is concealer. I’m using the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in the shade 01 fair, and it honestly has the best coverage of anything I’ve ever used. It actually covers my dark circles up completely! A little bit of this goes a long way too, so the amount that I’ve used will be enough to cover my under eyes and all of my cheek area.

I know I look bald in all of these photo, but it’s just because I have my hair braided back into space buns. So ignore the baldness please and thank you

This is good for me because I get a lot of redness around here. If it were summer, I probably would only need to use the concealer under my eyes, but alas there is no sun and so I am still as white as a ghost. I battle on.




Once I’ve used the concealer all over my face, I set everything with powder – and even cover the areas I haven’t used concealer on. This helps to even out my skin tone as well as getting rid of any shiny-ness.  I use two different powders here; the MUA one I’ve talked about before on my cheeks, eyes and chin. The powder features all four colour correcting shades and so creates a nice blend that really helps even out my skin tone. I then use the Rimmel London Clear Complexion powder on areas such as my nose and forehead, to really help eliminate that shiny-ness, and build a slight amount of cover for the areas that don’t have any concealer.

Essentially, this is my base done! Everything else in my routine works the same as if I was wearing foundation; however I’m going to keep going with the post because I’ve got more to chat about on the way! So don’t ask me why butimg_0624 the next thing I did was my eyebrows. Followed by contour. Clearly I had no actual order to what I was doing this day.
I’m thinking I might do a beginners’ guide to eyebrows soon; I’ve finally got to a position where I can make my eyebrows look better than just presentable, which means it’s time to share these talents with you. But I’ve got the products I used down below anyway just in case you were wondering. I’ll do these in more detail soon!

Next I did my contour, using the Rimmel London Kate Sculpting Palette in the shade Coral Glow. This mini palette is a bit of a hit and miss for me; the contour powder and blush are fine, but the highlight is honestly the worst thing I’ve ever encountered. I’ve heard of subtle highlights but this has nothing in it. No shine. No shimmer. Nada. I’m sorry if you like the palette, and like I said the other two powders are fine. But I like my highlight to pack a punch and this does not. So I use the contour colour on my cheekbones and forehead, and apply a TINY amount of blush on my cheeks. I’m so pale that anything more than a smidge of blush makes me look like a clown. Never ending difficulties when you’re so pale you’re basically translucent.

Next up was my eyes! Now I could write this down as a full tutorial, but being honest with myself I know you’re not here to read more about eyeshadow. So I’ll just give you the photos of the steps and leave it at that. I will say that I used the Fortune Favours the Brave palette from Makeup Revolution, and this is one of my favourite drugstore palettes at the moment. It is aesthetically stunning to look at and the colour variety means there are so many different looks you can create! I’ve been trying to venture out of my comfort zone and use brighter colours with my eyeshadow looks, and this palette has really helped. And it’s only £9.99! It’s so much of a bargain you’d be mad not to buy it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once I finished with my eyeshadow, a little bit of mascara, eyeliner and highlight, and I was all done! This kind of look takes me around 25 minutes, which is good for mornings when I don’t have much time but still want to look good!

And this is a great way to do your makeup if you want to give your skin a break from foundation but still want some coverage. It also looks really flawless, and if you took out the eyeshadow this is a great way to do a natural ‘no make-up’ look (to be honest the whole ‘no makeup’ makeup look amuses me, like I want people to know I’m wearing makeup, it cost me time and money! But I know lots of people like that kind of thing)

img_0698And that finishes this blog post! img_0699As always I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and if you want to chat about anything I’ve written about feel free to message me! And if you haven’t, give my blog a follow so you can keep up to date with everything I post! I can guarantee I will always give you my honest opinion on products and in every post I’ll feature some kind of bargain! I’ll be back soon, sooner than last time, as I have lots of ideas ready to be written down! Thank you so much for reading, I’ll see you soon,


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