Welcome to my Blog! I always find introduction paragraphs so awkward, but I’ll give it a go…

My names Charley, and I’m an ex-musical theatre student. I’m taking a gap year to work, and as much as working in a cafe really excites me (sense the sarcasm) I wanted to find another creative outlet for the year to keep me busy. I considered the whole YouTube path, but that requires a lot more equipment and setup, and the plan for this gap year is to save at least some of my money. Writing was my next option, and it seemed like an appropriate route to go down. However, finding the best writing platform for me was hard. Stories? I never have the patience to finish them, or I get bored with my plot after the first four chapters. Script writing? Same problem, with the added bonus of having to write in a script format (a long process due to slight OCD tendencies).

So then the idea of a blog came to mind, and it seemed perfect! Ask any of my close friends and they’ll tell you that I have an obsession with makeup that nudges quite close to the unhealthy mark. With a blog, I can review products, give guides on certain looks…suddenly my obsession with makeup has become a justified hobby! (At least this is what I’m going to tell myself next time I drop £150 in one shop visit due to all the lipsticks that ‘I just really need’…)

So here we are. A Blog full of nonsense, written by a girl with too much time on her hands and more makeup than her mother approves of. I aim to be helpful too; if my rambling can lead you to knowing what eyeshadow palette to buy, then I’ve done some good for the day.

Whether you stumbled across this blog from googling lipstick reviews, or found it through me forcing the web address in your direction, thank you for visiting! I’ll see you in my next post, and if you want to know anything feel free to message me. I’m always open for requests! Much Love,

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